Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Remarkable Flokati Rugs

The centuries-old skills of Greek weavers gave birth to one of the most remarkable rugs you will ever find. Flokati rugs were used in ancient times for a variety of purposes. It is known that Alexander the Great even used them for clothing and tents. The Vlachs invented the Flokati rug in the fifth century for shepherds whose flocks roamed the mountains. They were, in fact, used for beds, tents, and clothing.

In many villages, the women wove Flokati rugs to be sold at bazaars on the trade routes. Today, fine Flokati rugs are still produced by those who loved their unique style and flavor. Modern Flokati come in several sizes and in colors to fit any room. Hand woven of New Zealand drysdale wool, these magnificent rugs are even machine washable.

Flokati Rugs Online

You can now find this incredible invention of classic Greek weavers at many sites on the Internet. With all of the class and style of the originals and the easy care of today's wools, you will be delighted with how they look and feel your home or business. Flokati rugs are soft and durable, and they can be dyed. One vendor we checked out can provide custom rugs while another offers discounts and free shipping.

Greek Flokati rugs are perfect for stretching out on. They're the softest, plushest rugs you can find anywhere. The natural pile of a Flokati is long and fluffy. Your new Flokati needs to be vacuumed regularly and washed only in cold water at least once a year. With the proper care, the Flokati rug you purchase online will last forever.

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