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French Country Area Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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French country area rugs get their style from France and its sunny hillsides and glorious valleys. These rugs are very versatile, in that they could fit anywhere, from grand chateau type houses or even the humblest of homes. Generally speaking, these colorful area rugs are warm, rustic, cozy, but universally appealing. The French are known for their excellent tastes in food, fashion, and home decor, why not take France's tasteful traditions into your home with beautiful French country design rugs?

The heart of a French Country interior is the fireplace. Why not add a bit of warmth to the fire with a charming French rug for your living room? The soothing and calming colors of country rugs will seem to dance with every flicker of a flame. They will light up the room with a feeling of "joie de vivre" and stylish playfulness.

French Country Area Rugs for your Country Style Home

Flowers are an integral part of the French country area rugs look. Themes that are often used in their fine carpeting include vines, flowers, and leaves, that are sometimes arranged in geometric patterns, borders, or striped sections. Colors comprise of a range of earthy and bright colors. Balmy golds, grass greens, brilliant azure blues, and deep rustic reds are often seen, as are sunny yellows, browns and beige.

French Country interiors often use contrasting lights and dark shades in the room, such as dark beams against pale plaster ceilings and intensely happy colored provincial printed rugs against dark wooden floors. Contrast your household with spirited colors, and experience the vivacious life of the French with a country floral rug.

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