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French Country Design Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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The provincial styles of French country design rugs that we know and which have the most attraction in this country are those that came from Brittany and Normandy. They are influenced by the periods of Louis XV and Louis XVI, and the Directoire, the decorative period of classic inspiration that directly followed the French Revolution. The French accent rugs that are used in today's homes are not quit as grand, but are more practical and functional in the everyday home.

All French styles are absolute. One French style can be used with the one preceding or following it, but the total effect is better if one or the other dominates. French patterned rugs can also harmonize well with other pastoral influences around the world. For instance, French provincial rugs can be used charmingly with some early America rugs (which is also provincial in essence) and furniture.

French Country Design Rugs for Your Country Style Home

Floral patterns are an essential part of the French country design rugs. The flowers are sometimes arranged in geometric patterns, borders, or striped sections. Motifs that are typically used in their fine carpeting include vines, flowers, and leaves. Suitable colors of the typical rug are wine red and raspberry, pale and deep gray-blues, pale and deep blue-greens, warm yellows, clear yellow with a touch of green, creamy white, and warm gray.

These tasteful floral area rugs are very adaptable, in that they can easily mix in anywhere, from grand estate type houses or even the modest of houses. In general, these vibrant area rugs are warm, calm, and inviting, but unanimously charming. The French are known for their sophistication in fashion, food, and home decoration, why not take France's stylish customs into your household with lovely French country area rugs?

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