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French Floral Rug

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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A French floral rug is an essential part of the French country style. Themes that are always applied in their delicate carpeting include leaves, flowers, and vines, which are sometimes set in geometric designs, striped sections, or borders. Hues embrace a variety of down-to-earth and vibrant colors. Soft golds, lush greens, sparkling sapphire blues, and deep rusty reds are often seen, as are sunlit yellows, beige and browns.

France and its blooming hillsides, its gloriously flourishing valleys, and its overflowing trellises are how French country area rugs get their graceful designs. These colorful area rugs are balmy, pastoral, inviting, but universally appealing. These rugs are very flexible, in that they can suit any environment, from even the humblest of homes to grand chateau type houses. Why not take France's stylish way of life into your home with handsome French country design rugs?

A French Floral Rug to Style Up the Home

Particularly lovely examples of these types of floral, accent area rugs were made by the French who came to Quebec and Nova Scotia. They were predominantly biased to particularly intricate floral sprays and ribbons, and floral wreaths and the scrolls seen in Aubusson and Savonnerie floor coverings that were transposed in homespun wool. These floral designs were worked with amazing attention to detail and realism and sometimes, to increase the effect, the buds and flowers would be raised in relief.

The French are known for their excellent tastes in food, fashion, and home decor.
A French floral rug will consist of every conceivable treatment of flowers. While some are scattered irregularly without plan or without regard to scale, others are designed with fine symmetry and excellent drawing. Bring home French country rugs, and bring home a bouquet of freshness for your living room floor.

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