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Hand Hooked Area Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Of all the handmade rugs,hand hooked area rugs are by far the most well known, and the most justly popular. The hooking of rugs is not precisely an American invention. Although the craft of making them developed distinctively in this country, it had been practiced as an ancient art about the Fourth or Fifth century in Egypt. They were known in many countries, such as Spain, France, and Chinese hooked rugs can also be found in today's market.

In America, hand hooked area rugs were such significant and sensible objects of domestic consideration that their makers soon acknowledged the opportunity that existed to join beauty with utility. An enormous amount of appeal arose quickly, for here was a task that offered the special relaxation one attains through self-expression, at the same time that one was performing a productive and needed duty on behalf of home comfort.

Hand Hooked Area Rugs for your Home

Some of the quaint quality of the hand hooked rugs was undoubtedly due to its sense of individuality. Each rug was made for a particular place in a particular room in a particular house, and was integrated with its proposed surroundings as well as the makeshift materials and the maker's taste would permit.

Why not bring some of that individuality into your household? Dare to be different! Dare to stray from the designer labels. A Beautiful, hand made, country hooked area rug can be just as chic in these modern times. Bring a warmth to your living room that no other rug can replace.

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