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Hand Hooked Cotton Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Of all the handmade rag rugs, the hand hooked cotton area rug is by far the most esteemed, and the most coveted. The hooking of rugs is not precisely an American invention. Although the craft of making them developed distinctively in this country, it has and is still practiced in many countries, such as Spain, France, and Chinese hooked rugs can also be found in today's market.

In old America, hand hooked cotton rugs was a common trend, because they were significant and sensible objects of not only utility, but also beauty and charm. The cotton was first worn as clothing then, the tired, worn out coats, dresses, pants, and other garments were carefully washed, and sorted for material, before being cut into the narrow strips that lent themselves to hooking.

Hand Hooked Cotton Rugs for your Home

Hand hooked cotton rugs are often enchanting, lovely, and delightfully creative. They offer relaxation one attains through self-expression, while achieving quality comfort. They are suitable in honest quarters, such as rural or Early Colonial type rooms. In an old-fashioned type of bedroom two or three hooked rugs look nice on a painted floor. In a living room, small hand hooked area rugs may be used on a wood floor, or on a plain carpet or rug.

Why not bring some of that honest creativity into your home? Be simple, but originally chic, not designer boring! Beautiful, hand made, colorful area rugs can be just as stylish in these modern times. Bring a warming charm to your living room that no other modern rug can replace.

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