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Hand Hooked Wool Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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During Colonial times hand hooked wool rugs was a common trend. The wool was first used for clothing then, discarded coats, trousers, dresses, stockings and other garments were carefully cleaned or washed, and sorted for material, before being cut into the narrow strips that lent themselves to hooking.

In purchasing a hooked rug take into consideration shading, color, patterns or composition, evenness and fineness of hooking, strength and quality and similar characteristics. The presence of hand-woven cloth made up of yarn spun from virgin American wool is most desirable, for American wool is a quality product and hand weaving is likely to be an indication of the early age of the piece.

Hand Hooked Wool Rugs for your Home

Hand hooked wool rugs are made of wool rags pulled up through burlap in loops, which may then be cut or left uncut. Hooked rugs are often charming, naive, and delightfully creative. They are suitable in honest and direct rooms, such as rural or Early Colonial quarters. In an old-fashioned type of bedroom two or three hooked rugs look well on a painted floor. In a living room, small hand hooked area rugs may be used on a wood floor, or on a plain carpet or rug.

The importance of old hooked rugs does not lie in technical details. It lies in the fact that they are a unique manifestation of an artistic explosion. This surging forward of the creative talents is to be properly regarded as having given birth to a folk art, which forms a real part of the American national heritage. Take pride in one of America's oldest artistic traditions, and decorate your home with hand hooked area rugs.

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