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Handmade Oriental Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Handmade oriental rugs usually echo the beliefs and customs held in each historical period of the country's origins. Commercialism has devalued the color and design in many cases, but the charm of a human quality still remains and no manufactured rug can ever deliver that personal ingredient. Bring a bit of the personal into your life with handmade oriental style rugs.

Handmade rugs are the result of patient effort. The thoughts, emotions, history, and legends of the regions from which they come, are faithfully recorded in the rugs. These rugs give a feeling of loyalty to, and reverence for the craftsmanship of ancestors that inspires the workmen and workwomen of today with an affectionate enthusiasm, which must inevitably show in their finished products. Though the stitches are hurried and often not nearly so fine as one could see in many antique rugs, the same ancient symbols are used in the designs, and many quaint legends may be traced through the mesh of the intricate patterns.

The Difference Between Handmade Oriental Rugs and Machine Made Rugs

Orientals rugs made by machinery in imitation of the handmade Oriental rugs are not as desirable. Machine reproduction of handwork, particularly in Oriental rugs is always not as aesthetically pleasing, because the symbolism and all the human and romantic essentials are usually lost in the machine made article. The charm of the handmade rug lies in the personal artistic expression, sensitive taste, the unlimited difference in the dye, and patience of the maker.

It is strange that these indefinable influences have such a effective effect on the handmade rug, for it seems living and soulful, whereas the machine-made rug, even though it can have an excellent likeness, does not hold the same vivacity. Buying handmade, accent area rugs, as opposed to machine made rugs is truly regarded as a highly esteemed way decorate ones life.

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