Harvard University

Written by Jen Nichol
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Campus life from Harvard University to the sunny campuses of the University of California all have one thing in common: dorm living. Dorm rooms are each as unique as the students who live within them. These spaces provide students the opportunity to experiment with style and color, form and function.

Harvard University dorms are similar tho those of every other college and university, in that they need the student to create a sense of home, since only the basics are provided. More and more students are finding that they can browse and order stylish dorm furnishings online, and have them sent to the school. Dorm living can be a lot more comfortable now than it was in the past, a relief to students and parents alike.

Student Life at Harvard University

Boston and Cambridge are thriving academic and social communities. Every student will find activities that interest them. Between academics and socializing, every student will find that they have a very full calendar.

Harvard University dorms provide an on-campus haven for students living away from home. A place for rest and reflection is necessary to a student's mental and physical health. With a rug, a chair, a lamp, and some photos, every dorm room can become a "home away from home."

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