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Home Decorators Tibetan Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Home decorators Tibetan rugs will bring teeming vivacity into your home! In the sixties, the Tibetan refugees in Nepal initially created rug weaving. In fact, it was the Swiss who persuaded the Tibetans to begin this art of weaving as a trade. The rest is history. The rug trade has improved and flourished since then, now this is the largest exported product of Nepal. Check out the assortment of Tibetan area rugs and experience their underlying serenity that could be a lovely addition to your home!

First, the raw sheep's wool is washed. Then the wool is blended with the imported wool. The blending is made either by machine or manually. Then the wool is spun into yarn. The thickness of the yarn relies on the quality of the rug desired. The yarn is then dyed in a various colors using either modern chemical dyes or vegetable dyes. After the rug is finished and removed from the loom, it is clipped and the patterns are cut in physical relief in accordance with the buyer's wishes.

Spectacular Home Decorators Tibetan Rugs to Cultivate Your Home

Home decorators Tibetan rugs are stimulated by the unparalleled landscapes that can be found in the areas encompassing the Himalayans. These hand-knotted, 100% wool area rugs suggest a sense of natural exquisiteness that is as exceptional as each peak within this great mountain chain. The super supple finish of these accent area rugs, make them feel as though they were made out of silk, rather than wool. Improve the atmosphere of any room in your home through stunning Tibetan Rugs

Tibetan area rugs are very versatile. They illustrate traditional color schemes and designs, so they can easily be introduced into just about any setting, whether it be a humble home or a grand palace. Liven up and color your home with any of the fine examples of colorful area rugs from Tibet and cultivate your sense of style.

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