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Hooked Floral Area Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Hooked floral area rugs were the principal floor coverings, especially in rural areas, long after the Civil War. We do know for sure that the New England region experienced an increase of recognition in the mid-nineteenth century. Hand made country hooked rugs were born chiefly out of necessity, created by country women to cover the cold, bare floors of their houses. Later, people began selling hand hooked area rugs, and industries ultimately proliferated across the continent.

In America, hooked floral area rugs were such essential and reasonable objects of domestic importance that their makers soon recognized the prospect that existed to join prettiness with usefulness. An massive amount of attraction evolved quickly, for here was a task that offered a productive and needed duty on behalf of home comfort, and at the same time the unique relaxation one attains through self-expression.

Hooked Floral Area Rugs for Your Home

The most commonly found hooked rugs for sale are ones with floral designs. They really can vary to absolutely lovely treatments of real intricacy and truly creative stylishness.
Many of them consist of rather polite posies, lilies, pansies, and roses, but every conceivable treatment of flowers have been thought of: wreaths, in creepers, in baskets, in aloof leaves or blossoms, entangled in scrolls, in repeating clusters, in significant central bouquets, blossoming or cut.

In Essence, all of these floral area rugs are designed with exceptional drawing and delicate symmetry. Bring the captivating appeal and charm of the old country hooked rug into your household surroundings. It will, without doubt, not only create a sense of inviting comfort, but also a feeling of warmth, intertwined with blossoming beauty and liveliness.

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