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Interior Decorating With Oriental Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Interior decorating with Oriental rugs can entertain a personal touch which gives it almost a life and personality in the family home. Oriental style rugs can have an alluring influence and a peculiar mystical quality, which stirs the emotions and imagination, more than any other item in the household. It can emulate the changing moods and tastes of the homemaker or decorator.

A home is what people from all walks of the earth strive to achieve, and from which children attain their lifelong and earliest impressions. It is something so much more than a place in which to live. Views of life are determined by whatever greater suggestion or of inspiration it is possible to bring into ones environment. For this reason, it is an intelligent venture to do all that is possible to bring charm and beauty into your family's life.

Interior Decorating with Oriental Rugs as a Way to Enhance a Room

When decorating ones home, it is a regularly used tactic to start off with large area rugs, and then build the rooms' ambiance and mood from there. Floors and their coverings should be the darkest part of rooms, so as to supply a noteworthy base for the decorative scheme. The color values in colorful area rugs should be close in tones. The most attractive rugs, Oriental or other, are those in which all the colors seem almost equally dark and no spots call for attention.

When interior decorating with Oriental rugs one should realize that their beauty and character depend upon their individuality, color, design, texture, and workmanship. Since the floor is a large area it is not desirable to have a brilliant color there, because intense color on the floor makes a room seem smaller. The color of a carpet, even though definite should be subdued, like neutral colors. Such carpets have the added advantage of allowing an entire change of color scheme in a room every few years, whereas a carpet with a positive color restricts changes.

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