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Jute Area Rug

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Customarily used as carpet backing, jute is now being used for the jute area rug and carpet. Jute is one of the softest and finest of natural fiber area rugs. Jute is a rainy season crop that grows best in warm, humid climates. India, China, and Bangladesh rank as the world's main manufacturers of Jute. Jute is a shiny, long fiber that can be spun into strong, coarse threads. These carpets are extremely durable and will last for years in your home.

The fibers are 3 to 15 feet (0.9 to 4.5 meters) long and off-white to brown. Jute fibers are composed primarily of the plant materials lignin, cellulose, and pectin. Jute is environmentally friendly and it is made in abundance, resulting in low costs, but an elegant pick for a rug. Its soft texture makes Jute area rugs a welcome choice for any type of flooring in the house.

Buy a Jute Area Rug for your home

A designer jute area rug can be commercially cleaned with dry processes, and they can be cleaned with soap and water or with carpet shampoo. The dyes are appealing and colorfast, although they will lose color in direct sunlight. They have high absorption capacity, flexibility, and are lower in cost compared to other natural fibers or even synthetic area rugs.

Jute rugs can complement any decor. They're as suitable in fashionable, modern rooms as they are in genuine antique settings, as practical at home as they are in the office. These attractive tweedy rugs are strongly woven for rugged stability, and can be flipped over too, for extensive wear. Jute area rugs are plentiful, organic, and fast-growing natural fiber area rugs with a clean look and rich texture, and feel.

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