Jute Rugs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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What is Jute?

Jute is a coarse fiber that is often used in making fabrics such as gunny (sacking), burlap, and cordage. It is a particularly strong fiber that is uniquely suited to creating durable and beautiful area rugs. The production of jute fiber, primarily grown in the far east, is second only to that of cotton worldwide.

Because is it a long, soft fiber, it can be spun into the coarse, yet strong, threads that go into the making of sturdy fabrics. While the green leaves of the jute plant are eaten in much of Africa, use of its fiber is one of the main reasons it is cultivated so extensively. Its fibers can be woven into curtains, carpets, burlap, and even chair coverings. You may have heard of jute ropes which are made by combining it with other fibers to make twine.

Jute Rugs Online

Jute rugs are very attractive. They feel soft underfoot and create an elegant setting for your furniture groupings. The natural color of jute is a soft, shiny tan that goes well with just about any decor; however, because these rugs are made from a natural fiber, the color shades may vary. They come in a variety of weave patterns and are often bound with linen.

Online you will find jute area rugs that come with bindings in a variety of colors. In many cases, you can elect to order a custom carpet made to your size, weave, and binding specifications. Jute rugs can also be used outdoors, especially in covered areas such as porches, because they are naturally resistant to mold and mildew damage. Some of the styles you will find have slightly different patterns on top and bottom which allows you to enjoy either side.

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