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Modern Design Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Modern design rugs are noted for their simplicity, unusual shapes, and horizontal effects. The modern design rugs are based on the fundamental forms of rectangles, triangles, and circles. The curved lines used are always big curves freely drawn, never small finger-movement curves. The patterns are often planned according to some geometric scheme. In some respects it is more likely to produce unity through a relation of spaces with modern geometric area rugs.

When going with a modern rug, with its clear-cut modern lines, it is natural to use clean and direct color. Dingy or anemic colors do not belong with the modern style. Some decorators think that the modern style is articulated best in steely, metallic colors, and use nearly all-neutral colors, silver being a favorite. One can use bright, but pure colors, in minimal values.

Modern Design Rugs to Create a Pure Looking Home

In the twentieth-century style there is little or no ornamentation. The idea is to strip off everything superfluous. Many people feel that a rug must be ornamented to be beautiful, but simplicity of design can be just as stunning. If pattern is incorporated in the modern area rug, it is almost entirely abstract. No naturalistic and very few conventional designs are used. In general, decorative patterns are large and seem to be freely drawn.

Modern design rugs are usually unique, stimulating, and have colorful designs that can season any room. It could add a wonderful tone to your bedroom, living room, dining room, or office. If you are building a room from the ground up, why not use a modern area rug to establish new colors or add a focal point to it. Daring, refined, or calm, you're certain to find just the accent area rug to spice up your room and compliment your furniture.

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Interesting comment about modern rugs. With open plan modern homes becoming more popular our range of modern rugs are an ideal addition to your home.