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Natural Fiber Area Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Natural fiber area rugs comprise of fibers such as sisal, coir, and jute. They have been utilized for centuries as floor coverings, but only recently have they become popular. Actually, these rugs have grown to be rather fashionable, making a shift from unconventional to mainstream. They are not only made from natural materials, but they are affordable and sustainable resources as well. As area rugs, they provide neutral tones, texture, and a practical ease to home decorating.

Natural fiber floor coverings are used as wall-to-wall carpeting or as area rugs. Sisal, Jute, and coir are the stylish fibers made from plants grown in Africa, Brazil, Mexico, and some in Asia. These soft or hard resources are gathered, processed into yarn, and sent to mills for weaving of rugs. Sisal, the generic term for all natural fiber products, is the most common fiber. Interior designers choose natural fiber area rugs as the best way to emulate the casual, relaxed, nature of simple style.

Natural Fiber Area Rugs for a Stylish Look

Are you looking for a natural look? Buy natural fiber rugs online. They add a unique, textural contrast to home furnishings. If you want a rug that can survive the wear and tear of high traffic areas sisal, having the longest fibers, is a practical and stylish choice. Coir is a sensible option for its strength, flat look, and affordability. Jute, allows for appealing textures and loops, and is softer to the touch and suppler.

Natural fiber rugs are modern area rugs, because they blend classic textile traditions with modern technology. Nature provides variations of fiber thickness and color diversity, which will reflect as the quality of pattern differences of weft and warp. For those who don't want to worry about continually preserving their flooring, natural fiber is the carefree choice.

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