Navajo Rugs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Authentic Navajo Rugs

Navajo rugs are created by craftspersons who bring with them three centuries of skill in design, weaving, and technique. They claim that their skills in weaving were a gift from one of their deities, Spider Woman. Some Navajos were taken as captives by the Spanish who drove them from their hunting grounds and often forced them to weave their beautiful blankets for their Spanish masters.

Navajo weavings, including rugs, became popular during the late 19th century when Federal trading posts were opened up throughout the West. While the trading posts have declined in number, many Navajo weavers still sell their rugs at the ones that remain. They also, however, sell them in art galleries, at auctions, and in museum gift shops. Many weavers now work exclusively under commission.

Find a Quality Navajo Rug Online

Some of the most beautiful Navajo rugs are being made today. There is a huge demand for contemporary designs, and the quality remains unmatched. The Navajo tradition of hand weaving and aesthetically striking craftsmanship has made their weaving and design into an art form of its own. Today you can find these incredible rugs online.

One site that we saw specializes in one-of-a-kind rugs that are purchased directly from the Navajo weavers. Others are sold or traded by collectors. Still others are sold at auction. If you are interested in a Navajo rug, it's a good idea to visit several websites because, given the originality of most of the rugs, it is almost impossible for you to get a good idea of what you want without seeing what's out there. With all of their beauty, you can still find bargains on these rugs if you shop.

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