Ohio State University

Written by Jen Nichol
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Ohio State University has a reputation for top academic programs, as well as a healthy and energetic student body. In fact, Ohio state university is the biggest university in the Big Ten. With over 34 varsity teams, 50,000 students, and 175 undergraduate majors from which to chose, this institution offers a world of interest and learning to students from all over the nation.

Ohio State University has several programs that are targeted to enhance the efforts to attract a more diverse group of students. The resident halls are home to about 25% of the student body at Ohio State university. Also, freshman are required to live at home or on one of the three major parts of campus; the North, South or Olentangy.

Ohio State University Life

Before attending school, the office of Residence life suggests that dorm residents do a little shopping to make their room a little more like home. One tip that might be helpful prior to arrival is to do some shopping have all items shipped to the school. Many online retailers will offer free shipping if the consumer purchase is over a certain amount.

Ohio State University students love the dorm decorating that goes on right before semester starts. It's fun and exciting to meet one's new neighbors, as well as to create a space that uniquely suits the student. Life at every college and university blooms with bright and interesting dorm space that appeals to the students who call campus home.

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