Oriental Rugs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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What Are Oriental Rugs?

If you've ever wondered exactly where Oriental rugs come from, here is the answer. They come from the areas of the world commonly known as the cradle of civilization. They represent the cultures of a huge area that even includes part of China and all of the lands between the Mediterranean and Black Seas. These countries include Mongolia, Kirgizstan, Nepal, Tibet, China, Turkey, and Iran, formerly known as Persia, where the finest rugs in the world have historically been created.

Iran/Persia continues to produce more handmade rugs than any of the other countries in the world that produce rugs. In most of the Oriental rug countries, handmade rugs were intricately connected to both culture and religion. Many of the carpets were designed for use in religious ceremonies or to honor deities. Persian design rugs are still the most popular because of their outstanding beauty and quality.

Oriental Rugs Online

You may be thinking about finding an Oriental rug because you have seen one and know what such a rug can do for a room. If you've looked in your local department or carpeting stores, you may have discovered that Oriental carpets can be rather expensive. You've come to the right place. Online you will find a huge selection of quality Oriental carpets at exceptional prices.

Nearly every major rug vendor online carries Oriental styles. You will be able to browse through them to find the exact rug that will enhance the decor in any room. Be sure to look for sales and discounts. Some of the sales make already low prices almost a steal. Many sites also offer free shipping and money back satisfaction guarantees. One other point, when you buy an Oriental rug anywhere, you should make a point of asking how to care for it. By getting a great Oriental at a great price, you will be able to enjoy your carpet for years.

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