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Oriental Style Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Oriental style rugs are usually sorted into four principal classes: Turkish, Caucasian, Turkoman, and Persian. Each group is well-known by some special characteristic in design, and within the groups there are many subgroups usually easily recognized by the connoisseur, who observes not only the pattern, but the textile of the warp, tuft, pile, and the length of the pile.

Oriental style rugs have a power of allure and a curious spiritual quality, which stirs the mind's eye and emotions, more, perhaps, than any other item of home furnishing. Each accent area rug can mirror the changing moods and mind of the decorator or homemaker. Oriental rugs and designs can entertain a personal touch which gives it almost a life and personality in the family circle.

Oriental Style Rugs to Decorate the Home

A home is something more than a location in which to live. It is what both men and women long for, work for, and from which children obtain their earliest and most lasting impressions. Views of life are influenced by whatever finer suggestion or of real uplift it is possible to bring into ones surroundings. It is a wise investment to do all that is possible to beautify the home and to add to its charm.

The scope of the oriental weavings, old and new, is so vast in range of design, color, and texture, that appropriate choices may usually be made for almost any room. The diversity of colors in multitudes of values and tones have a tendency to make the rugs blend in any setting.

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