Oriental Weavers

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Why Oriental Weavers?

Oriental is comprised of a number of carpet companies whose cooperation has made the group one of the top trendsetters in the world carpet industry. Combined, the companies offer a huge production capacity as well as the latest technology and diverse facilities. Size and diversity allow the group to handle just about any order, including very large rush orders.

Oriental has become one of the finest, most respected manufacturer of area rugs in the world. The company, established in Egypt in the seventies, includes carpet companies from every step of carpet manufacturing. This means that every segment of production, from fiber extrusion to the final product, is under their control.

Oriental Weavers of America

Oriental Weavers has been named the number one carpet company for three years in a row. With all of their combined expertise and capabilities, they have managed to nearly double in size within the last two years. For almost 95% of their customers, they can fill entire orders from stock on hand, and they export their incredible carpets to over 80 countries.

One of the key factors that makes Oriental so respected is their focus on design, service, and quality. As with any exceptional company, their first commitment is to their customers. Innovation and research are also central to their dynamic. You will find carpets by Oriental at dozens of websites online. Take some time to explore their unique designs and quality area rugs at attractive prices.

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