Oval Rugs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Finding Oval Rugs Online

When most people think of oval rugs, they picture braided or hooked rugs in a country setting. While these colorful, comfortable country-style carpets are still among the most popular in the United States, oval area rugs in many different styles are becoming more and more the rug of choice. Ovals can be used in virtually any setting from formal living room to tiny bathroom.

Their rounded ends allow them to fit in places where a rectangular rug would be too cumbersome or concealing. Their very shape actually gives them a cozier look, making them excellent for dens or bedrooms. From beautifully executed quality Aubusson ovals to ovals made of durable, soft, jute fibers, you will see an amazing array of styles online at prices that will delight you.

Traditional Oval Rugs

With contemporary design and modern technology, almost any type of oval carpeting can be created. Today's ovals can be found with striking designs and a level of durability that was unavailable just a few years ago. Many of them are even machine washable. Smaller ovals can be found online for under $15, while room-sized rugs often cost less than $200 online.

If you want the traditional country touch of a braided oval, you will be happy to know that you can browse through a large selection of styles and colors online. There are even websites that offer custom designs at exceptional prices. For your den, family room, bedroom, or country kitchen, traditional oval area rugs make a great choice.

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