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Persian Area Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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The finest rugs in the world are the Persian area rugs. Rug weaving in Persia is especially cultivated by national pride and fervently encouraged by the leaders in Persia. Great care is taken to keep the rugs that are woven there from fading in excellence, and the use of aniline dyes is absolutely prohibited for this reason. Persian rugs are described as gentle, with fine coloring, and a floral design.

The most interesting Oriental floor coverings are the Persian area rugs. The hues and admirable weaves of these rugs are very delicate and the plant, flower, bird, and medallion form designs are treated less geometrically and more naturalistically than those of any other Oriental rugs. These styles of Persian rugs are unusually soft and silky and have a beautiful sheen.

Persian Area Rugs as the Way for Home Decorating

Persian area rugs are most known for their flowery patterns. They are so opulent with design detail, and the flowers so real, that one might want to gather them up in your arms and smell them. The Persians were also master dyers. From their majestic purples, their royal reds, their thriving greens, and their most famous deep, luminous blue. Such brilliant, elaborate detail and luxurious colors could be a magnificent addition to your home atmosphere.

Persian rugs surpass those of other countries in creative designs as well as in melodious coloring, and they are incomparable in skill. The warp and weft of these Persian classic rugs are usually wool. Both the Sehna and Ghiordes knot are employed in the weaving process. Decide to adorn your house with only the best of the best, and bring home a Persia's vibrantly colorful area rugs.

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