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Persian Classic Area Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Persian classic area rugs, distinguished by national pride, are the effect of years of patient effort. The legends and history of the regions from which they come, are dutifully depicted in the Persian area rugs. Prices fluctuate according to the era, the caliber of quality, and the exquisiteness of sheen and color. The most expensive rugs illustrate the work of a lifetime and sometimes hem in 1000 knots to the square inch. Let Persia's striking practice of rug weaving decorate your home environment.

Many of the styles of Persians rugs still follow the age-old designs utilized by their ancestors decades ago. The best Persian area rugs are exceptional for their delicate coloring, skilled workmanship, and refined patterns. The styles of Persian rugs are most known for their life-like flowery designs. These rugs without doubt surpass those of other cultures, with their sumptuous detail, inspired designs, harmonizing coloring, and unrivaled in expertise.

Persian Classic Area Rugs to Decorate Your Home Environment

Most modern rugs are simply too bright. The finest woven modern rugs are less attractive in their new state than the new rug or coarser texture with a longer nap. Unlike anything else, Persian classic area rugs get better with age. With time, a merging together and softening of colors and a natural patina that yields the soft tones and a wonderful luster. A semi-antique is one that follows the classic Persian designs and one that has been used long enough to have somewhat mellowed colors.

Floral influence is very prevalent in the Persian classic area rug with its seemingly real shaded leaves, curving vines, trees, and flowers "painted" with yarns in curvilinear, shadows, and highlights. The craftsmanship is so refined, that the antique, expensive Persian rugs are ranked with painting, music, sculpture, and as one of the great arts. Such radiant, intricate detail and lavish patterns can be a glorious addition to your home environment.

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