Written by Tanya Niederhoff
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Using rugs when decorating your apartment, house or room can bring an area to life. The character of flooring can set the mood of the entire decor. With a little color, pattern or scheme, you can turn a dull room into a unique and chic place.

What To Spend on a Rug

When you are in the market for a rug, whether for a few dollars or a few thousand dollars, the piece you choose needs to be well thought out. If you are just looking to cover your floor or inexpensively change the look of your living space, you should not spend much of your decorating budget. However, if you are looking to make an investment, then careful purchasing is important.

Persian and Oriental rugs are some of the most popular interior design pieces when thinking of a new decor. Doing the proper research or consulting with an interior designer are both ways in which you can familiarize yourself within this market. One of my favorite pieces is one I bought while in Hong Kong, in an antique store.

Be aware that most original pieces come with a certificate of authenticity and guarantee. Make sure you get one at the time of your purchase. Also, look into the care of your new piece--with most expensive rugs, you will need to rotate them on a regular basis in order to avoid them being run down on one side or bleached out by the sun too quickly. Enjoy the quest for the perfect rug--you will certainly enjoy it for years to come.

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