Rug Pads

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Why You Need Rug Pads

While the answer may seem obvious to some people, others may not realize that not all area rugs come with a non-skid backing. That can mean danger for you, your children, or your guests when you place your area rugs on ceramic or vinyl tile or hardwood floors. Whenever you purchase area rugs, you should think about where you plan to put them and buy rug pads accordingly.

Today's carpet pads can be very thin, such as those designed to hold an area rug in place when it is used on top of wall-to-wall carpeting. If your area rug is made from a natural fiber such as jute, you may want to get a rug pad that adds a quarter inch or more of cushion. A rug that is placed on a hard surface such as ceramic tile or hardwood will actually last longer with the appropriate rug pad.

Rug Pads Online

One of the newest rug pads available online is designed to hold rugs on both hard floors and carpeting. It is ultra thin and comes with a high-tech adhesive that holds it and your area rug in place. This particular rug pad is actually made from synthetic foam and is completely washable.

The cost of your rug pad will depend on the size of your rug and whether you want more cushioning. Pads like the one described in the above paragraph start at under $10, and you can always look for online sales. Larger rugs, such as table group sized rugs, will obviously cost more, but you can find sales online for these products as well. Your pad will extend the life of your carpet as well as provide the safety you need.

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