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Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Rugs can make a successful accent piece for a room. A rug can start or finish off the style of a room, by adding just the right touch. The key to choosing a rug is to decide on a rug that balances the overall color scheme for a room. Most color scheme's will have at least 2, sometimes 3 or four colors to work with. It is usually one primary color that overarches the decorating mood for a room. The other colors are complementary colors and are good for matching accessories. You should try to select a rug that has one or more of these complementary colors.

Rugs can also be chosen based on the kinds of furniture in the room. If the room has dark wood furniture, you may want to compliment this color in the mood of the rug. Additionally, rugs can be a wonderful way to cover up an open space, and to add balance to a room. Instead of having an open area, a rug can make the room seem more colorful and welcoming. This can be particularly true if the room does not have a lot of furniture in some places, and has a lot of hardwood floor.

To provide a substantial base for the decorative scheme, your floor coverings should be the darkest part of rooms. In figured rugs there is often too much dissimilarity between the light and dark colors, producing a spotty effect, which seems to jump up at the onlooker. One should know that the values of color, in any floor covering should be close. The most winning rugs, Oriental or other, are those in which all the colors look almost equally dark and no spots call for attention.

Decorating Your Home with Beautiful Rugs

You'll be pleasantly surprised to find a never-ending assortment of rugs in many different sizes and patterns reflecting all ends of the earth. Whether you prefer the designs created by machines or the ones nature made or even man made, your rug will undoubtedly enhance your home. Rugs can be used in countless ways. They are best used as accent area rugs. They can brighten up a plain room or decorating scheme. They can also be used to cover up open spaces. In addition, a rug can be utilized to emphasize a specific piece of furniture that you would like to highlight. Themed rugs can also be used to create a specific mood or atmosphere.

There are small rugs, there are large rugs; there are ornate Persian area rugs and other kinds of Oriental area rugs; and there are simple, solid color rugs. Some people even hang rugs or tapestries on the wall to exhibit them for artistic purposes, or if they are afraid of having them stepped on. The key in choosing a rug is to select a rug that is suitable to your own style and the room. If the room is a modest one, then a simple, plain rug may be the way to decorate. If the room has a lot of dark, mahogany furniture, then using a more sophisticated, formal rug can be an option.

When you are developing a decorating scheme, you should unquestionably take a look at the diverse rug options available and see if a rug is fitting or useful in the your decorating plan. Maybe you want to revitalize or add color to a favorite room. Or you've been searching for a way to integrate your own artistic expression in your household. Perhaps you would just like to add suppleness to a hard floor or extra panache to a dull room. Whatever the case, you'll find that the right rug is waiting to decorate your floors. With the incredible amount of rug sizes, styles, and colors out there, the world of decorating opportunities can be as wide as your imagination.

How Rugs Can Affect Your Life

Decorating with rugs can breath new livelihood into any home. The promise of possibilities is never-ending. Rugs are an affordable way to refurbish a home without the nuisance of remodeling. They are easy to take care of and they can greatly reduce wear and tear in high traffic spaces. With all the various styles, colors and textures available, all you need is a little creativity and you are on your way to a new, fashionable look.

A home is what people from all walks of the earth struggle to attain, and from which children get their permanent and lasting impressions. It is something so much more than a place in which to live. Views of life are established by whatever greater suggestion or of inspiration it is possible to bring into ones home environment. For this reason, it is an smart venture to do all that is possible to bring charm and beauty into your family's life. You can start your family's cultural education and cultural interests with a rug.

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