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Rugs For Living Room

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Rugs for living room can be anything from a great asset to a capricious decorative tool. Area rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and can add calming comfort to any room in the house. Whatever your style, area rugs and hardwood floors will enhance your overall look and fashion a home environment that you will take pleasure in living in.

Improving the interior area of your home with colorful area rugs takes a little preparation, but it is worth the time and effort. First start with a plan of the dimensions of the room you want to decorate. Think about the size of the room versus the texture and color of the rug. Work with a variety of sizes and shapes of potential rugs. Follow the line of any pattern features in your home and match it with a rug.

Rugs for Living Room Can Change Your Rooms Appearance
Rather than having one uninterrupted design you might have a go at two smaller, harmonizing rugs, if you have a large living room. This can make the room feel a tad comfier or create sections in the room. Larger borders can be used in larger living rooms. You can even go three or four feet wide with texture or dissimilar colors to add excitement and contrast. Borders that are smaller, two to three inches wide, open up the area, particularly if you use quiet textures and neutral colors.

Your creativity can take you in many directions, so enjoy yourself when planning your rugs for living room. Take a step back check out various designs in history. Have a go at designs from the ancient Orient, Persian, to Americana to get a sense of your own taste. You may end up loving a more contemporary style with bold, stimulating color on color. Or you might love the subdued tones, which lend themselves to a more reserved and formal appearance. For a more casual or tropical sensation you may select one of the natural fiber area rugs like sisal and jute. This gives an indoor-outdoor experience, welcoming the essentials of nature into your household.

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