Shaw Rugs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Shaw Rugs and Today's Style

There are some people out there who think that rugs and carpets have gone out of style. They couldn't be further from the truth. The incredible variety of styles, sizes, shapes, piles, fabrics, and designs of fine rugs continue to expand as techniques in machine weaving improve rapidly. At the same time, the process of extruding fiber is changing.

In fact, while carpeting is still the most popular floor covering of choice in most new homes and apartments, the use of area rugs is increasing. Even where hardwood floors, ceramic tile, or terrazzo are used as flooring, you will often find a large area rug in front of the fireplace and sofa or a smaller one as the focal point of a furniture grouping.

Shaw Rugs Design

If you're looking for rugs that make a statement, that really bring out the beauty of your room and your decor, then a visit to any online vendor that carries Shaw Rugs is well worth your time. Their collections of area rugs are stunning, with vibrant patterns and colors and an extensive array of award-winning designs from which you can select the one best suited to your own personal style.

Carpet and rug manufacturers are creating ever more exciting designs and fabrics that will last and last. There are more colors available, and many major interior design specialists are turning to new rugs as a key element in their creations. From old world, to traditional, to tone-on-tone, to modern, rugs are a great option for almost any room.

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