Sisal Rugs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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What is Sisal?

You may have heard of sisal ropes. Sisal is a natural plant fiber, sometimes called hemp, that comes from plants that grow in Brazil and Africa. It is a plant in the cactus family and grows from two to three feet per year. These plants produce an incredibly strong fiber that can be woven into rugs and other sisal products. Sisal, unlike other similar fibers, can actually be combined with wool which results in a soft, yet durable hybrid sisal rug.

When you buy natural sisal rugs, you are getting rugs that contain no chemicals. Your sisal rug is biolocally inert and will not have a negative impact on health. Your sisal rug will not collect electro-static charges like most other rugs so that you will not experience the zap that comes with stepping on or off other carpets.

Buying Sisal Rugs Online

You will find sisal floor coverings in a variety of colors, most of which can be termed "natural." Bone and beige are the most common choices, but you can also find pale greens, sand, birch, khaki, and even black. Sisals come in accent sizes on up to room sized. If you choose to have wall-to-wall sisal, you should have it professionally installed, but be sure to hire a professional who has experience with natural fibers.

Your sisal will stay in great shape with vacuuming frequency depending on the level of use in any given area. Carpet stains should be cleaned immediately, and, whenever possible, you should protect your sisal carpeting with an acrylic polymer fabric spray that creates a water barrier. You will find great prices for sisal rugs online and can expect free shipping from most web vendors.

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