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Sisal Rugs For The Home

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Sisal rugs for the home are a splendid choice for natural fiber area rugs because of its resilience and because these rugs can be put in locations of high floor traffic. The fibers are spun into a hardwearing yarn to produce heavy-duty, enduring rugs. Sisal is naturally a yellow-beige color but easily accepts dyes. Its clean neutral appearance, can harmonize with any interior decor. Sisal's natural, minimalist look is much loved by most interior designers.

Sisal fiber comes from the Agave plant, one of the most principal farming crops of the world's tropical areas. Agave (American aloe or Century plant) is native to the southernmost part of North America and to Central America, where its development started in Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula. But the world's the longest, finest, and whitest fiber, and most produced sisal comes from the plantations of East Africa.

Practical Sisal Rugs for the Home

Sisal area rugs are biologically stable, because they use no foreign chemicals that can be a significant health consideration in the situation of an air tight and likely toxic interior office or home environments. Additionally, your sisal rug will control humidity levels within your household, because of its ability to breathe well. Sisal rugs should be used as indoor rugs only, because in the event of water and weather, corruption of the fiber will happen.

Sisal is a versatile, stable, and strong fiber that can be found dyed or in natural colors. It can be woven into jacquard patterns, flat, rib and boucles weaves. Sisal rugs for the home are naturally non-electro-static, thus eliminating the shock factor that can occur on synthetic area rugs furthermore, they will not collect dirt. They are exceptionally hardwearing and sound absorbing because of the essential qualities of this strong, sturdy fiber. It is also inherently insulating and difficult to set on fire. Ultimately, sisal rugs are extremely practical and can be elegant additions to the home.

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