Stanford University

Written by Jen Nichol
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Stanford University is a world-famous institution of higher learning, located in gorgeous Northern California. This university built its reputation on science and engineering, but now has highly regarded departments in the humanities and social sciences as well. Life on this sunny campus is invigorating and lively, with a student body that comes from all over the world.

Stanford University students are a convivial, energetic lot, and many lifelong friendships are created on this campus. Dorm life at Stanford allows new students to make friends and live and study in a supportive atmosphere. Stanford students love their dorm room decorating, and many of them buy their dorm room decor online.

Life at Sunny Stanford University

Stanford allows students to study in an atmosphere of academic excellence, while enjoying all that Northern California has to offer. Stanford is located in the thriving community of Palo Alto, known for its cutting-edge Silicon Valley geniuses. This university is located in the hub of California's academic and social life: the San Francisco Bay Area.

Stanford University students have fun making friends and engaging in dorm room decorating. Their college dorm decor is as unique and vivid as the students themselves, and every rug, chair, and lamp is designed to create little "homes away from home" for each student. College is a demanding time, but it's also fun and exciting, and a comfortable dorm room is a must!

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