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Synthetic Area Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Synthetic area rugs are made of any material that is not a natural fiber, for example: wool, cotton sisal, or jute. Most non-natural fiber area rugs are made with an olefin or polypropylene fiber. Both of these resources are principally hard plastics. These materials are heated and, while melted, spun by machinery into mega fine strands. These fine strands are then entwined to produce a very strong, stain resistant thread. It is almost impossible for any stain to set into these synthetic fibers, because these materials are non porous.

Owing to the process with which they are woven, most synthetic area rugs can only have about eight or nine colors in the whole rug. A new way of weaving, known as the side woven method, is progressively growing in popularity amongst rug makers because it imitates the style and feel of hand-woven wool area rugs. This system also permits the maker to put up to fifty colors in each rug.

Benefits to Owning Synthetic Area Rugs

There are many advantages to having a synthetic area rug. The rug is affordable, while still being hardwearing and exceptionally stain resistant. The price of a synthetic rug may vary. A thinner rug with a more simple design will cost less, while a dense, thick synthetic rug with a more intricate design and more colors will be on the high end of the price scale. What more can you ask for? Synthetic rugs provide brilliant colors, easy maintenance, softness and outstanding value.

Machine woven, synthetic fiber rugs are color fast and resilient. They resist wear and tear, stains and copy the style of natural fiber area rugs at a great price. Edges are mixed in matching yarn for a polished appearance. Latex backing offers padding, comfort, stability, and lengthens the life span of the rug. By adding color and warmth, synthetic fiber rugs work well in any room or environment. Generally more reasonably priced, they are a savvy choice if you like to redecorate regularly.

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