Tibetan Rugs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Incredible Tibetan Rugs

When most people think about Tibet, they envision the world's tallest mountains covered with snow. Names like Kathmandu and Lhasa come to mind. If, however, you want to find great area rugs, hand woven Tibetan rugs are a great choice. With hundreds of years of weaving tradition going into the making of these rugs, the styles are often contemporary and startling in their uniqueness.

These rugs are made of durable Tibetan wool that actually grows more beautiful as it ages. With use and age, your rug will actually develop a silky sheen. In order to end up with this incredible material, Tibetan weavers use an ancient technique known as carding. Combing and cleaning raw wool by carding ensures that all foreign entities are removed and the wool is free of dirt. After it is carded, the wool is spun into yarn by drawing and twisting it.

Authentic Tibetan Rugs Online

Skilled Nepalese spinners produce hand-spun yarns with an uneven structure and an exceptional quality. Depending on the rug design, either natural or synthetic dyes are used to color the yarn. Finally, the yarn is woven on a simple vertical Nepalese loom using a technique called a Senna loop.

The result is a remarkable sample of the art of weaving. Using both traditional and contemporary designs, or weaving custom rugs to your own design, Tibetan weavers offer you centuries of skill and a wonderful product. Look for Tibetan hand woven rugs online where you will find exceptional selections from which to choose as well as incredible prices that make owning them easy.

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