Tufted Rugs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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What are Tufted Rugs?

Basic rugs 101 tells us that there are several different kinds of rug weaves. A tufted rug is one that is woven by pushing yarn through a heavy canvas. You can actually buy kits to make tufted rugs in outlet stores. In those kits, the yarn can be precut, and the canvas has colored sections to help the weaver follow a particular design pattern.

The pile of a tufted rug is cut, usually with all of the yarn cut the same length. Some rugs, however, are made more interesting by cutting the yarns slightly longer or shorter to bring out the design. Tufted area rugs can be incredibly elegant or country cozy. They are durable, but they may require professional cleaning care depending on the yarns used.

Tufted Rugs Outlets

You will find a wide variety of tufted area rugs on the Internet. Because each yarn is woven individually, and because the canvas used can be cut into any shape, they make fun rugs for children's rooms as well as unique rugs for the most formal of rooms. Today's tufted area rugs can be made of synthetic yarns that last and can be bright, colorful additions to any room.

When you're looking for tufted carpets online, be sure to check out several websites so that you can compare prices, sales, and special offers. Some web vendors will actually make a tufted rug to your specifications, but you may have to put down a deposit. Remember that typical tufted carpets need to be cleaned with care so that strips of yarns do not come loose.

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