University Of California

Written by Tanya Niederhoff
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The University of California is known far and wide for academic excellence. This university system has done groundbreaking work in the fields of science and engineering, and offers a multitude of majors, from particle physics to Scandinavian Studies. Life here is demanding and rewarding, and the students emerge as disciplined thinkers.

The University of California has its main campus in Berkeley, with numerous other campuses all over the state. California is famed for having the best public universities in the world. Students lucky enough to be attending the University of California will learn skills that they can apply to every area of their lives.

The University of California Imparts Wisdom, Discipline

The right college experience is one in which the student feels inspired and comfortable. A cozy dorm room is a must for any successful college student, especially one taking rigorous coursework. Everyone who thinks and takes part in college life all day needs a quiet place to rest and study, as well as to reflect upon their new and interesting experiences.

The University of California dorms require care and attention from students to make them welcoming. Personal touches and stylish accessories can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Dorm room decorating is an important part of the entire college experience, and allows the students to create an important personal space from which to enjoy their college years.

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