University Of Georgia

Written by Jen Nichol
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The University of Georgia has long had a reputation as one of the nation's finest public universities. Located on 706 acres, the University of Georgia's attractive campus is dotted with verdant and wooded walks. The north campus boasts nineteenth-century architecture, with modern buildings and dormitory halls found on the south campus.

The University of Georgia has professors that receive high accolades from their students. The student body is close-knit, and dorm life at this university is a prime opportunity to make friends for life. Students who live in the dorms often order their dorm room decor from online sites, and have it shipped right to the school.

The University of Georgia Offers Excellence in Education

When a student participates in a rigorous academic program, it is vital that he or she has comfortable and inviting lodgings. Campus life can be demanding, and every student needs a quiet haven in which to rest and reflect. More and more students are finding that they can find stylish dorm accessories, like dorm rug options, lamps, and chairs, on top websites.

The University of Georgia offers freshmen who opt to live on campus a chance to come to school a month early, so that they can familiarize themselves with the school. Students who choose to do this will find that the first semester isn't nearly so overwhelming when they know already where their classes will be held. Also, this month provides a chance to arrange their dorm decorating to their satisfaction.

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