University Of Illinois

Written by Tanya Niederhoff
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The University of Illinois is a vibrant and well-respected school. With 28,000 undergraduates and over 150 undergraduate programs, this school is a shining beacon to students looking to receive a first-rate education. Many of these students choose to live in dorms during their college years, feeling that it enriches their college experience and contributes to their academic success.

The University of Illinois dorms are similar to those of nearly every other college and university. These spaces are meant to be personalized by the student, and so offer the bare minimum of furnishings. However, more and more students are discovering the ease of ordering their college dorm decor online.

Experience Life at the University of Illinois

This university has 22 residence halls, which house almost 40% of the school's students. Creating a home-away-from home has always been a challenge for students who choose to live on campus, but online dorm furnishings retailers are changing all that. The right online dorm decor websites will have rug choices, lighting, and other stylish and necessary decoration options.

The University of Illinois promises a top education to its student body. Academics, athletics, and social events are all top priority at this school. Every student in every college dorm at every American university will remember their college years; this is an important time in any person's life, and it pays to create a comfortable and welcoming space in which to rest the body and reflect on lessons learned.

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