University Of Iowa

Written by Jen Nichol
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The University of Iowa occupies a huge campus in the rolling hills of the Iowa river valley. This school has long been a mecca for creative writers, and continues to draw students in all areas of study. This university offers a well-rounded and lively college experience.

The University of Iowa dorms require a loving touch by the students who live in them. Like dorms at every college and university, these rooms supply only the basics. Students are finding that they can get the college room decor they need from affordable online resources.

Experience Dorm Life at the University of Iowa

Every college and university offers a unique experience to its student body. Stanford University is known for its engineering programs, it's great weather, and its proximity to Silicon Valley. The University of Iowa is known for its commitment to creative thinking, and its many brilliant and well-known alumni.

The University of Iowa offers its students a chance to experience an energetic and intelligent college experience. Students living in dorms get the chance to really take part of everything that the university has to offer, no matter where they choose to go to school. Dorm room decorating is fun and colorful here, with many students ordering their college room decor from online websites, and having the furnishings delivered right to school.

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