University Of South Carolina

Written by Jen Nichol
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The University of South Carolina is home to a lively and intelligent student body. Everyone who chooses this campus is offered a wide array of events and academic options from which to choose. This large, modern campus is located right in the heart of Columbia, a city of more than 450,000 and the capital of the state.

The University of South Carolina dorms inspire students who chose to live on campus to create unique and welcoming spaces. Every student needs a place to relax, a place of peace and solitude in the midst of campus life. A comfortable dorm room is a must for enthusiastic, intelligent college students.

Explore the University of South Carolina

Students at this institution of higher learning are a convivial lot, making friends easily and enjoying the company of other students all day long. Parties on the weekends are way of life, but so are study groups and cultural events. This university offers a well-rounded college experience, guaranteed to satisfy every student.

The University of South Carolina dorms are well-located to all of the campus excitement. Close to classes and campus resources, students who live on campus are ideally located for academia and the social life. College and university life is exciting here, and only improved with the right college room decor and dorm room decorating.

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