University Of Tennessee

Written by Tanya Niederhoff
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The University of Tennessee is located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains and the center of east Tennessee's urban hub. This 511-acre campus is home to many strong academic programs, a well-known athletic program, and a healthy social life. The students are well-rounded and evidence vigorous school spirit.

The strongest programs at the university of Tennessee are the pre-professional fields, mostly business, architecture, accounting and engineering. The honors program offers qualified students scholarships, honors courses, and seminars. Whatever dreams the student is pursuing, this fine school offers the tools to make it happen.

On-Campus Life at the University of Tennessee

University life is very social and active, especially with the many students that live on campus. Like every college, the dorms and apartments are rather bare and require some decorating skills. Most students suggest buying dorm accessories, like rugs and lamps, before hand and shipping them to the dorm directly.

Students at the University of Tennessee need a comfortable and well-appointed dorm room to rest from the bevy of campus activity. There are many events that students look forward to throughout the year, such as the River Fest and the Dogwoods Arts Festival. Coming home to a dorm room outfitted with a comfortable rug, lights, and other accents makes any college experience that much more satisfying.

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