Wholesale Oriental Rugs

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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More than likely, you're an individual interested in buying wholesale Oriental rugs. If so you might well be buying machine-woven rather than hand knotted rugs. No one's going to lie about this, but the information might appear only in the finer print. What you want to guard against is taking signs announcing wholesale Oriental rugs too literally. A wholesale price probably isn't among the criteria you really want to be using. A good quality rug at a good price is a better way of thinking about this topic.

Are You Certain that Wholesale Oriental Rugs Are What You Want?

It might serve you best to read up on Oriental rugs. That way you'll be better poised to make an educated investment. Oriental rugs--whether from Turkey, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran, China, India or Tibet--are more affordable than you might think.

If you're acquiring for resale or fundraising, however, you're in an entirely different situation. A consignment program might be a very good idea indeed. Maybe you're in interior design, and would like several wholesale Oriental rugs for your design showroom. This is a viable option.

But the world doesn't revolve around Oriental rugs alone. A few contemporary styled rugs would be ideal as well, whether Portuguese country or American hooked rugs or something else altogether, perhaps a French Savonnerie. The bold and contemporary geometrics of an Indian Gabbeh rug are hand knotted just as the classical Orientals are. You don't necessarily want to invest right now, but to take on consignment as a way to demonstrate your design services would be ideal.

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