Wool Rugs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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A Short History of Wool Rugs

Almost as soon as weaving was invented, woolen rugs became a segment of the development of trade between villages and cities. As early as 2000 BC, wool rugs were vital to the actual formation of trading economies. In some societies, wool production was second in importance only to the production of food. Eventually, in many areas, wool production exceeded local need, and one of the end products of the production, rugs, began to be sent to trading areas.

Wool is one of the oldest known fibers in the world. One reason it continues to be so popular is the number of natural properties inherent in wool that cannot be duplicated in any synthetic fiber. For example, wool is both fire resistant, unlike many synthetics, and it is even naturally water repellent. It is long wearing and keeps its new look, partly because of the elasticity of its fibers. No synthetic can be dyed to the brilliant level of wool, and the fiber resists dirt and the static that shocks us when we're walking on a synthetic rug.

Wool Rugs Online

Because of all of the wonderful attributes of wool, you might expect wool area rugs to be a bit pricey. The good news is that wool is very affordable, especially on the Internet. Just about any type or style of rug can be made of wool, which, by the way, is also fairly easy to clean. Whether you are looking for a traditional style, a contemporary design, or a fun area rug for a child's room, you will be able to find a quality wool rug online that will exceed your expectations.

If you're looking for a bargain on a good wool carpet, do what you would do if you had the time to visit several local stores. That means checking out several web vendors and comparing rugs, prices, and special offers. Remember that wool rugs will last a very long time with reasonable care and that owning a wool rug does not mean that you have to be especially careful with it. Wool area rugs should not be used outdoors and should be vacuumed regularly.

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