Apc Products

Written by Linda Alexander
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Among the many APC products available are air transducers for ultrasonics. They contain a piezoelectric ceramic element mounted in a metal, plastic, or environmental housing. These APC products offer high sensitivity and stable electrical and mechanical characteristics with your choice of bandwidths.

APC also custom designs transducers if you need them. Their standard transducers are low cost, have fast delivery, and excellent sound pressure. Typical applications for these APC products include automobile sensors, object detectors, motion detectors, pest repellants, and toys and games.

Piezoelectric transducers generate and/or receive ultrasonic signals. In the case of cleaners, these signals are used to induce cavitation, or bubble formation and collapse, in the cleaning solution. These bubbles emit energy and remove contaminants from the parts being washed. Transducers can also be used to measure distances in air and water and to determine flow rates.

A Description of APC Products

APC also offers stack actuators, bending (stripe actuators), nebulizers (fluid atomizers), disc benders, buzzers, and ignitors. They make single crystals for optical or piezo applications, and high purity alumina parts. APC also offers lead placement, matched ceramic, tightened frequency, custom assembly and engineering and design programs.

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