Blind Cleaning

Written by Linda Alexander
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Blind cleaning can be done at home in between professional cleanings. If your blinds are made of a material you can wash with soap and water, such as plastic or aluminum, cleaning them in the bathtub is a snap. This method of blind cleaning will also save money on professional cleanings, as you will need to do it less often.

Do-It-Yourself Blind Cleaning

To get started, turn your blind slats into their fully open position. Next, take the blinds down. Put some towels at the bottom of your bathtub to protect it and the blinds from scratching each other. Finally, fill the tub with a few inches of warm water and mild soap.

When using this at-home method of blind cleaning, do not leave the blinds soaking in the tub for hours! This could damage them or remove the paint. Instead, wipe each slat clean with a clean sponge or washcloth. Next, turn the blinds over and wash the other sides.

To rinse, you can either pour buckets of clean water over the blinds after draining the tub, or you can turn on the shower head and run the water over them until the soap is rinsed away. Then drain them on dry towels for at least 10 minutes on each end and put them back up on your windows with the windows closed until drying is complete! For maintenance, dust your blinds every day or two to keep them looking clean.

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