Blind Cleaning Equipment

Written by Linda Alexander
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Of all blind cleaning equipment, ultrasonic machines are some of the best. They use generators that produce high frequency electricity. A transducer converts the electricity into high frequency sound waves. As the waves travel through water, bubbles form and implode, removing visible and microscopic dirt particles, cleaning the blinds.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning equipment is too expensive for the average homeowner to purchase, but you can hire a professional cleaner for your blinds. Keeping blinds in tip-top shape this way will reduce allergens, dust, mold, and pollen, as well as deodorize. It is much faster, safer, and more effective than other cleaning methods.

How Professionals Use Blind Cleaning Equipment

A professional with blind cleaning equipment will come to your home, remove, and re-install your blinds. Aluminum, plastic, simulated wood, and fabric blinds can all be cleaned ultrasonically. So can pleated shades, silhouettes and Duettes.

This cleaning equipment, used often, can help to remove the risk of household and office building contaminants. As you have probably heard, indoor air can often be many times more polluted than outdoor air. In addition to having your blinds professionally cleaned, to reduce indoor pollution, you should also use professional carpet cleaning services, clean your ceilings and walls (as opposed to just re-painting), and change your air conditioner and heating filters often.

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