Car Wash Equipment

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Car wash equipment, at least in the conventional definition, includes soaps and detergents, waxes, clays, degreasers, and a host of "shammies" and other types of cloth. Additionally, there are power buffers, chrome wheel cleaners, dash and interior polishes, vacuums, and a litany of hoses, nozzles, and wands. Any startup wash that hopes to remain in business must sink considerable money into each of these, and on a weekly or monthly basis, as supplies are quickly depleted. And that doesn't include a steady supply of elbow grease.

More ambitious car wash owners with greater access to capital can opt for an "industrial" approach that lets heavy machinery handle the elbow grease. But even these owners and managers must keep an inventory of soaps and other cleaners, not to mention a continuous supply of water. Even operations that recycle their water must develop a drainage and pump system that adequately circulates that water--and fast enough to accommodate lines of dirty car owners on sticky summer days.

Save on Car Wash Equipment

The "old-school" car wash outlined above is disappearing fast as new "touchless" businesses take their place. Such businesses are more profitable not only because they save water and soap, but because finicky car owners trust them to preserve their vehicles' luster. By using steam vapor instead of high-pressure water and scrubbers, these washes eliminate the threat of peeling paint or clear coat as well as scratching the car during the drying phase.

If you're setting up shop on a waterless car wash of your own, you'll need to invest in car wash equipment that's suitable for the task. This includes commercial-grade steam cleaners that emit vapor at a high enough temperature to remove bugs, gravel, salt, and oil, just to name a few of the most common offenders. While this kind of car wash equipment won't come cheap, it will pay for itself soon enough, both through higher customer satisfaction and lower maintenance costs.

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