Carpet Steam Cleaners

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Carpet steam cleaners work by combining a low-moisture steam with some sort of brush or removal mechanism. This one-two punch lets carpet cleaners effectively loosen dirt and grime, then remove it with one of the many nozzles or other extensions available. These include pumps, hoses, bristle-brushes, and a variety of other accessories.

Carpet steam cleaners are used by professional maid services, party companies, and your average homeowner who's looking to remove everything from dust mites to grape juice spills. One of the benefits of steam cleaners is their versatility in handling even the most stubborn stains. But vapor cleaners go well beyond mere stain-removal and have applications for degreasing, defrosting, misting, and polishing.

Other Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaners

Many carpet steam cleaners, at least in their residential forms, are small and easily transportable. Fold yours up and store it in a closet, under a bed, or just in the corner of a room. There are no parts to install, no complicated instructions, and no extensive maintenance to perform.

In spite of that, most vapor steam cleaners are built to last and come with manufacturer warranties that cover parts and labor. While the warranties may differ in length depending on the parts they cover, any reputable supplier or vendor will stand behind its product. So before you plunk down hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new carpet steam cleaner, check to see if any exclusions exist on boilers, electric coils, pumps, or any other parts. If so, you may want to find a different retailer.

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