Chemical Cleaners

Written by Linda Alexander
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Finding healthy alternatives to chemical cleaners is easier than you might think. Many people believe that harsh chemical cleaners cause health problems. Whether that is true or not, it's better to err on the side of safety.

Alternatives to Chemical Cleaners

Some "green" cleaners claim to be environmentally friendly but are really just as dangerous as chemical cleaners. Carefully read labels to make sure they are really healthier. If you see warning words like "caution" or "danger," evaluate whether they refer to real hazards or are just common sense statements.

If homemade remedies simply won't clean your home the way you'd like, there are safe chemical alternatives. Ultrasonic cleaners can safely clean certain items in your household. You can even buy your own ultrasonic cleaning machine and keep it handy for things like car parts, golf clubs, toys, or jewelry.

If the idea of homemade cleaners still appeals to you, there are recipes all over the Internet. Gather a few simple cleaners like ammonia, baking soda, salt, lemon, and chlorine bleach or borax. You don't need a different chemical cleaner to clean every part of your home, so if you do use them, buy an all-purpose cleaner, and only buy as much as you need. Always remember, though, that more powerful cleaners are available in the form of ultrasonic cleaners should these homemade formulas fail to get the job done.

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