Cleaning Businesses

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Cleaning businesses run the gamut from residential maid services and auto detailers to industrial-strength operations such as highway and riverway cleanups. Very seldom do these businesses cross paths, as the tools required of each (not to mention the expertise) are vastly different. A commercial cleaning expert might make a foray into the world of house cleaning only to find that a mom-and-pop outfit has better mobility and lightweight equipment that makes such jobs a snap.

The good news is that there are cleaning product suppliers equipped to furnish both types of businesses (as well as those falling somewhere in between) with the tools they need. Whether you're decontaminating floor mats and plastic bins, treating exhaust hoods and conveyor belts, or just looking to polish up your porcelain floor tiles, you can find steam cleaners that combine all your needs into one. Cleaning businesses looking to shave a few dollars from their budgets can save by buying wands, brushes, triangles, and window hoses from the same company that makes the boilers and pumps.

The Changing Nature of Cleaning Businesses

In the old days, cleaning businesses were charged with vacuuming floors, dusting counters, and scrubbing toilets. Blinds, windows, and other "specialties" were universally regarded as "extras," even though they constituted some of the dirtiest tasks in the house. But as the economy has continued to veer from manufacturing to service, the demands made of residential cleaning businesses have shot up, largely because expectations have risen accordingly.

If you're a newcomer to the world of residential or industrial cleaning, to make a profit you must be prepared to tackle jobs that your predecessors could ignore. And to to do this with confidence, you'll need state-of-the-art tools such as power washers, supersteam cleaners, and continuous-flow, heavy-duty tanks. Many of these niche products can now be ordered online and shipped directly to your home or company, often for no extra charge. And most are backed by manufacturers' warranties for at least a full year, and sometimes longer.

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